There are some objects in this world that, for whatever reason, have evolved into icons. A diamond ring is unquestionably the biggest and most significant icon in the world of engagement proposals and weddings. There is no doubt that diamonds have become an oft-selected stone while proposing to loved ones.

Nowadays, diamond engagement rings are prevalent in almost all cultures. But as society evolves, individuals are turning away from old customs and embracing a new era of uniqueness through alternative engagement rings.

Engagement rings were used to represent ownership, but now they represent a commitment to a relationship. It makes reasonable that custom would change in a culture that values all forms of love. The classic white diamond engagement ring can be replaced with fancy color diamonds.

With so many different hues, forms, and sizes available, it is not surprising that more and more couples are choosing to use color to express their love. At Panos Melekkis Jewellery, we realize this longing and present some of the best diamond engagement rings to you. While we have the usual diamonds available, you may opt for our custom-made black diamond ring comprising an 18K rose gold band. Others opt for more unique engagement rings comprising of ruby or emerald stones and there are yet another favorite among people looking to propose with a touch of difference.

Features of our diamond ring


A diamond can be worn repeatedly while maintaining its high polish and faceting. Because of this, many old-fashioned diamonds are still in use today, and some of them are even recut into better-looking variations. The durability of a couple’s connection as a metaphor is also reflected in the eternal nature. Additionally, a diamond ring will hold up better for daily use. At Panos Melekkis Jewellery we offer a range of exclusive GIA and HRD certified diamonds, ranging from all carat sizes.


Some people view the price of an engagement ring as a sign of their commitment. Many people believe that the modern tradition of buying a pricey engagement ring is an integral part of expressing commitment and partnering for life, whether the ring purchase comes from finance or saved for. Our diamonds are reasonably priced, considering all their features and long-lasting nature.


Panos Melekkis Jewelley has a team of dedicated professionals who design and create engagement rings. They work to perfection, and our rings are a testament to it. We understand the unique needs of different individuals and try to customize the rings accordingly. Some may like the traditional white diamonds but cut them uniquely, while others prefer colored diamonds. For a custom made ring, our team will start a process of drawing the design, followed by matrix 3D to wax model before finalising the piece. Be part of your love story with this unique process hand in hand with our team.


There are many different rings on the market. Some feature stunning carvings, while others have valuable stone settings. But none has ever been able to match the diamond’s majestic atmosphere. It makes sense that it is the most popular style of engagement ring by a wide margin. Everyone recognizes a glittering diamond as a sign of the emotional connection and engagement between two soulmates. The best thing is that you may create your own engagement ring to personalize it further.