Gemstones are classics – they can instantly add a glamorous charm to any outfit. The best part about gemstones is that they come in various colors and shades, making it all fun to play with the colors and mix and match these stones.

While wearing gemstones of a single color has always been the trend, it’s time to explore the beauty of contrasting colorful gemstones. This years trend is all about mix and matching coloured stones, embracing a vibrant colour mood to any outfit. 

Gemstones, when paired together, can elevate your entire look – you’re sure to make heads turn flaunting your enviable collection of jewels.

But the question is – how can you combine these gemstones to bring out the best in their combined look? Well, that’s precisely what we’re here to tell you. 

Even if you love to experiment with colours, you can consider following the colour wheel for the best outcome. The cooler shades usually go well with each other, and the warmer shades, too, complement each other exceptionally. Somethings even the complete contrast works perfectly, such as a Pearl and Emerald, or Ruby combined with Orange Sapphire.

Further, not only transparent gemstones work well with colored gemstones, particularly stones that are in shades of blue and green, but adding champagne or black diamonds can also add a beautiful contrast. Let’s also consider some gemstone pairings – Jasper and Garnet work wonderfully when paired, bringing you good luck.  Another amazing combination is moonstones and amethyst; it helps you free your mind from worries and sleep peacefully.  There are many such perfect gemstone combinations. Gemstones aren’t just beautiful; they also hold different powers in them. Pairing gemstones can help you heal or bring luck, good health, prosperity, and wealth. Find the right pair of colorful, contrasting gemstones and flaunt them in colorful rings, neckpieces, earrings, or rings at Panos Melekkis Jewellery.