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Our History

Our History

The Art of Distinction

Our Story Unveiled

Our tale traces back to the days when a young visionary, the grandfather of Panos, immersed himself in the world of timepieces during the 1950s. This passion was inherited by the subsequent generation, both by his mother and father. They ventured into the realm of jewels, etching their mark as one of Cyprus’ eminent business entities, expanding their reach with several retail spaces over a span of four decades.

 Panos, fuelled by the legacy left behind, sought expertise from The GIA Institute in Florence, Italy, where he graduated in gemology and jewellery artistry in 2008. Post his academic pursuits, he merged with the established family enterprise. He became an innovative jewellery designer and the primary connoisseur for sourcing diamonds and other gemstones.

 Seeking a new horizon, Panos eventually founded his exclusive jewellery boutique in Limassol, Cyprus, specializing in uniquely tailored designs and marking over half a decade of successful service, which is still successfully operating to date.

 Following his passion and to expand his knowledge in the market, Panos Melekkis entered into partnership to launch a gold and manufacturing factoryin Dubai, UAE. This enabled Panos Melekkis to understand the production of jewellery, acquire knowledge of step by step processes of producing and creating gold pieces and luxury items.

Following the completion of this project, Panos Melekkis opened his own design studio in Dubai Design District offering bespoke design services, custom made jewellery production and private showcasing for clients.

Journey into Gold Smithing and Design

In the vast realm of gold and glamour, few journeys are as golden as that of Panos. He ventured on a collaborative effort that led him to the heart of gold production, establishing a crafting factory. The experience wasn’t just about melting and moulding. It was about learning all things jewellery manufacturing, transforming the mundane into the magnificent, moulding gold into luxurious adornments, and truly understanding the art of crafting opulent jewellery. 

 Transcending this knowledge, Panos took a leap of faith and vision, opening his very own design atelier in the vibrant hub of the Dubai Design District. He offers tailored design solutions, crafted bespoke jewellery, and provided an exclusive viewing experience for clientele. It isn’t just an atelier. It was a sanctuary for elegance, a place where jewellery is not just made, but memories crafted. 

At the core of Panos’s creations is his profound love for art and vintage pieces. He doesn’t just see a piece of jewellery. He sees a narrative, a history, a whisper from the past. Panos draws inspiration from the historical narratives of Britain, the romantic chronicles of France, and the artistic mastery of Italy. Each design is a journey through time and space.

But it doesn’t end there. Immersed in an array of cultures and surrounded by artistic treasures, Panos continuously finds inspiration from every corner of the world. And every piece he crafts? It’s not just jewellery. It’s an echo of the places he’s visited, a tale of his travels, and a legacy of his passion.

Panos Melekkis has further left his mark in the design sphere of jewellery atelier, being awarded as a top 5 Jewellery Designer in the world for 2023, showcasing his creativity and beautiful inspiration in his jewellery design skills.

Two awarded pieces, entwining the beautiful Colombian Emerald are as follows:

Bridal Necklace Set – “The Four Seasons ” by Panos Melekkis

Men’s formal Ring – “Hidden Treasures of the Desert” – by Panos Melekkis

How does Panos Melekkis turn a client’s vision into reality?

Crafting a piece of jewellery is more than just the melding of precious metals and gemstones. It’s about translating emotions, stories, and personal histories into tangible keepsakes. Here’s a glimpse into our process of bringing your jewellery dream to life.

Your journey starts with a simple appointment. Sit with our expert design team, sharing the background of the story behind your envisioned piece. This conversation is the heart of the design process, giving us insight into the emotion you wish to capture.

Post our discussion, our designer sketches your vision by hand, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations. This tangible portrayal acts as a foundation, and only upon your approval we proceed.

Next, step into our treasure trove, showcasing an array of precious stones and diamonds. Whether you’re drawn to the fire of rubies, the depth of sapphires, or the brilliance of diamonds. We’ll guide you in selecting the perfect gemstone to embellish your bespoke piece.

Using CAD matrix technology, we bring your hand-drawn design to life. This virtual 3D model provides a detailed and realistic view of your piece, allowing you to see and approve its final aesthetics before the crafting begins.

With your approval in hand, the production begins. Our jeweller works in our workshop to sculpt, set, and polish your unique jewellery piece. Using age-old techniques fused with modern precision, we ensure your dream is realized to perfection.

Entrust us with your stories and watch them manifest into timeless jewellery. Our commitment is not just to create but to craft memories that will be cherished for lifetimes to come.

Panos Melekkis is best known for his Monarchy Collection and Empire Collection.

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