Jewellery is a luxurious  investment that you will cherish forever. When all the pomp and circumstance, intricate beauty, and perfectly framed moments are removed from a wedding, what remains is a heartfelt, individualized celebration of community and love. While it has traditionally been the standard for couples to focus on the finer details of their clothes, occasionally, the preparation of the event—including the cuisine provided, the décor displayed, the music played, and the unique Jewellery worn—begins only after the attire has been finalized. (Except, of course, for the crucial engagement ring.)   

Due to the fact that many brides opt to have their wedding Jewellery custom-made, the category of wedding Jewellery has thankfully earned a prominent spot at the top of the planning calendar for weddings. A bridal article nowadays is entirely about the bride and her unique tale. Bespoke bridal Jewellery currently comes in a variety of designs that are full of priceless family jewels, heirloom themes, initials, or symbols that hold certain significance for the couple. It can also simply be made to match your wedding attire. 

Pnos Melekkis Jewellery’s competence ranges from traditional to modern or fusion-era artisan abilities, highlighting the wide range of target markets we may serve. Our international and local clients over the past 40 years have been a tremendous testament to our outstanding ability to produce products that are both distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. We are here to serve you and design Jewellery that suits your taste and needs. Thus, our excellence lies in custom-made jewelry.

In the Jewellery industry, this has come to be known as bespoke. Brides should be aware that the ability to discern what the client is seeking and produce those items utilizing a variety of finely honed abilities is essential to know the actual meaning of bespoke. Every stage of the process necessitates meticulous attention to detail, whether it is gathering information on trends, the design, selecting the ideal metal, placing the stone, or handcrafting finishes.

At Panos Melekkis Jewelry, design is the heart of the jewellery. In fact, it’s not just regular designs that professionals come up with but customized designs that take the client’s opinions into consideration. There are different stores that the company has opened up, and each one specializes for different customers’ needs. For example, the store in Limassol received maximum requests for designs comprising precious stones like Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds, whereas the store in Dubai attends to demands for Jewellery made with Opal, Alexandrite, and London Blue Topaz. Clients can discuss with the designer and come up with unique designs that have precious stones and colors of their wish. They can share their sentiment and story behind the Jewellery with the designer and be assured that the results will be delivered. It’s perhaps a wrong notion that it’s only women who dream of the perfect wedding. Men have similar dreams, and they want a wedding of their choice to celebrate their relationship with their partner. Panos Melekkis Jewellery has rings for both men and women in acknowledgment of the celebration of special moments in life.   

For a jeweller, creating unique Jewellery for today’s bride is a creative challenge they appreciate. Today’s brides do not view their wedding Jewellery as single event accessories. They consider their Jewellery to be both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, as well as a reflection of their personality. For instance, the majority of brides now buy two to three smaller ensembles or precious stones, which they combine on their wedding day but wear separately elsewhere. Many people desire transformable Jewellery so that it can be worn on different occasions. The range of gemstones and designs we offer aims to cater to the demands of our clients.